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Thread: Garmin Basecamp 3.0.6 now available

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    Just found this in the Garmin Basecamp support forum, biggest thing is the support of GB Discoverer products.

    I have just tested with my Oregon and 1:50K national parks SD card and it displayed perfectly


    The automatic update from within BaseCamp is available now. A direct download is available from

    Updates for 3.0.6[*]Added support for the GB Discoverer series of products.[*]Added support for the City Navigator Israel series of products.[*]Improved memory usage when drawing maps.[*]Improved auto routing calculation speed.[*]Improved address searching when searching near 'center of map'.[*]Improved indexing of map products installed on devices or SD cards.[*]Changed error reporting for imported files.[*]Change to '&' rendering on map labels.[*]Fixed startup issue related to diacritics or the German Eszett in the database.[*]Fixed startup issues related to bad 3d settings.[*]Fixed errors that could occur when changing filtered route settings in the middle of creating a route.[*]Fixed errors when editing geotagged photos.[*]Fixed input of custom grid values.[*]Fixed issues that could happen when changing the map font.[*]Fixed issues that would result in sections of the map missing when using an NT map product.[*]Fixed issues when changing datum and grid.[*]Fixed the elevation value of created waypoints.[/list]

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    Thanks for sharing

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