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    Viewranger for the iPhone is coming very soon. What's the case you're using there for the iPhone?

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    The case is a cheap Marware one with a stick-on screen protector. If you want a proper protective case, Otterbox do a few including one with a polycarbonate shell that looks pretty tough. There's also a bike mount available, reviewed on RCUK recently.

    I'm due to have a sneak look at the ViewRanger app tomorrow and should have the Anquet one today as well. At the moment I think the Satmap Active 10 and ViewRanger are better than anything available for the iPhone by some distance, but *I'll be interested to see what the new ones are like.

    Anquet for the Mac is very close to launch too, been using the beta version and it's generally good though slightly un-Maclike in its user interface.*

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