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Thread: Sussex--Hants Border

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    Hello all i am neil...i am on the Sussex-Hants border and i am new to walking.

    I am looking for walking partners or organised hiking events.

    Also for all you gear nuts i am looking for pretty much everything equipment wise(all i have is a bag)i have a 250 budget for the rest so any ideas will be greatly recieved.

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    Hi Niel,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Giving people a sum and carte blanche to make suggestions will get plenty of responses.

    What bag do you have by the way?

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    Yes, welcome Neil! Might be worthwhile starting a few separate kit suggestions posts off on the forum; as these welcome posts, good as they are,do tend to otherwise get rather lost in the meleee of all the latest posts ok!

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    Neil, hi. I'd say start with the my big five: Tent, Sleeping bag, Backpack, Boots and Cook Set. Get these right, first time, and save yourself a packet in the long run. Make up your mind about weight - what camp you are going to be in; light weight, ultra light and so on...Then set your stall out accordingly. Don't buy because it looks good, buy something because it does the job you intend it for. I'd suggest you read all the forums, this takes time and will give you a better insight to what people are using. Home and abroard - the people across the pond who backpack have some interesting ideas. But you have to bear in mind that they also have a different climate to the Uk to contend with. Still, its all food for thought. Take a look at The Backpackers Club for useful help to. There are some good people there who can help and give 'working' advice. But do you research I think I saw an artical in a past TGO that got you kitted out for under your budget. I'll go and see if I can find it and get back to you later. But what ever you do, do... Make sure its enjoyable, other wise, what is the point?

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    the budget of 250 would tend to veer from anything "light"

    neil, being new the first and best thing to sort out is your footwear. decide what sort of walking you are going to do most of the time and buy footwear that will be appropriate for that e.g. in south east you don't need boots. good quality "trainers" will be perfect. the only good footwear is footwear that fits you properly so go and try lots on. the next thing is socks. you buy footwear that fits you properly then you must buy socks that fit you properly - again, no specific brand just ones that fit properly without any excess material. these two items will probably munch up a lot of your budget but will provide the main foundation for everything.

    virtually everything else can be cobbled together for function (and don't forget that an umbrella is a very good thing for keeping rain off). perhaps if you want a tent then the argos tiger paws at 25 may be right up your street. it has very goodreviews - see other threads on here.

    try secondhand for everything else and a close eye on the sales.

    after some time you will start to appreciate and understand what you want from any equipment. it's at this stage when you should consider actually paying more for specific stuff.

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