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Thread: Visiting the United States?

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    I don't believe that the site is, strictly speaking, fraudulent. It's misleading but I believe that it has delivered what it promised and it is my fault that I've been duped. I've received a confirmation email, that Pedro referred to, and which I described as a document, which appears to be genuine. Nevertheless, the incident has worried me.

    I must say that some of you chaps have been so clever in tracking down the blighter! I'm grateful for your help and support. I've also asked Jon to consider removing this thread because anyone reading my original post and going no further might fall into the same trap.

    I'll take your advice Pedro - thanks again!

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    Good thinking there Hugh, taking out that first troublesome link should prevent others passing through here from falling for the same trap.

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    Visiting the United States

    Good morning, bot.You seem to not be smart enough to notice context. So sad.1 point scored for using the word "oscillation", though it wasnt referring to electronic oscillation.

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    i have plan to visit usa

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    Doc: You are making me nervous! Are you sure that you are correct? I used this site yesterday and got my authorization this morning. ESTA applications are free but I believe that the authorization costs £8.00 I paid by credit card via PayPal and have received an email receipt in the normal way.
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