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Thread: Lakeland 50?

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    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on whether I should enter my partner and myself into the lakeland 50. At the moment I would say that we both possess, at best, "average" fitness. However we have youth on our side, and 7 months training left before the event. Is it possible to walk most of the 50 mile event? One of my pals tried to encourage me to enter by telling me that he had done 42 miles in 15 hours once (the lyke wake?), so 50 mils in 24 should be do-able.

    However, I know there is no way I will get my fella (Mr Tenkian) running, he just thinks I am insane. But I also think it would be an experience, and give me something to look forward to and work towards for the rest of the year...

    I have already looked at the website but any advice would be appreciated. Tell me if it is possible to get fit enough over the next 7 months?

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    Hi there,

    the Lakeland 50 will be my first 50miler and I'm also a bit apprehensive. I've run a 30miler before and can say that 50miler can be done well within 24 (waaaay less). I've phoned the Lakeland 100 organiser and was told that there is a lot of people with all sorts of physical abilities and aspitations which means hope for us mere mortals.Led by example of other ultrarunners, I'm gonna walk all the uphills and run flats anddownhills. The real issue for me is the navigation, but I was assured that there is a possibility thatone can team up with some other competitors who run/walk your paceand finish the race that way. I reckon, I stand a chance and I'm sure you too.

    All the best!


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