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Thread: From GPS To Google Earth

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    You can do all this with a Garmin Forerunner 205 or 305 starting at 115. I use mine (305)with Sportracks (freeware). I can't lose the Garmin as its around my wrist and gives me more data / info than i need when out walking or running.

    Edit just checked the price its only 99.99 on amazon

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    Don't really get the point of this.

    All GPS devices let you open your route in Google Earth. You can export to Google Earth from your mapping program (e.g. Quo etc) or you can use the 20 PRO version of Google Earth which works directly with GPS devices.

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    It's basically a GPS receiver feeding the data stream into a data logger, for later processing.

    I've never really understood why you'd have a GPS receiver that doesn't actually display a position (e.g. the various traffic camera alert systems). Okay, the display costs a couple of quid, but that's not a desperate additional cost over the GPS rx, antenna, etc.

    The only possible advantage I can see is the 1 sec sample rate; not sure what rate general GPS receivers save tracks at. Given the low cost of memory these days, I can't see that 1 fix/s wouldfill available memorytoo quickly...

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