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    Spot Gen3 Messenger

    I purchased a Spot Messenger a couple of weeks back and subscribed to the unlimited tracking service from Spot. Whilst it is sending the 'check in' and 'custom' messages properly I can not get the track function to work at all. I push and hold the track button for a few seconds as per the manual but the green LED does not come on and no tracking messages are sent. Anyone else experienced this or able to let me know if I might have missed something obvious? I'm hoping to avoid the hassle of sending it back under the warranty!


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    I've owned a SPOT Gen 3 for the past 3 years and it has served me well in western US canyons and mountain forests. I hunt, backpack and ski camp alone so it gives both my wife and me a lot of peace of mind. (And I don't want the damn coyotes gnawing on my bones if I go tits up.)

    Call SPOT to help with your problem. They have great customer service.
    BTW, I just use the standard service and 5 minute tracking dots.

    To me it is a virtual necessity for solo outdoor trips and nearly so for group trips. Yeah, I would get a Garmin In Reach were I buying today for its limited texting and its Iridium satellite worldwide coverage but the SPOT Gen 3 is doing just fine.

    Eric B.
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