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Thread: Welcome to the Lakeland 100 Section

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    I spotted a dead animal (it looked like a calf) just off the pathto the south ofBurnmoor Tarm about a month ago. If it's still there, we'll need to stay alert and not stumble over it in the dark.

    Looking forward to this event, and studying the forecast daily - light rain at the moment.

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    Is there any facility to lock up spare kit while we are running?

    Looking forward to the event, good luck everyone

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    weather forecast looks interesting...

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    I'd just like to make any new reader of this string aware that The Long Distance Walkers Association is and has been organising long distance challenges (between 20 and 100+ miles) for both walkers and runners for decades. The first LDWA 100 was held in 1973 and there has been at least one every year since.

    The LDWA is a national organisation but formed from many local groups. There are LDWA challenges held in all areas of England and all are very well organised AND SUPPORTED.

    If you are into walking/running challenges give the excellent LDWA website a looksee. They might be right up your street.

    I personally walked with LDWA for about 30 years and thoroughly enjoyed the outdoor experiences they enabled. But for structural damage to my right foot I'd still be participating ....

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    Welcome to the Lakeland 100 Section

    Hello Kenn Great to hear that you like it here. Hope you wont find it too hard to surf the site. If you have any questions you can always ask us. .

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