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    Hello - here's my first post.

    Have been using a Garmin 60cs, GPS for years and intend to upgrade. The Satmao seems very attractive but I am put off by reviews and discussions on other forums.

    Main concerns are battery life, sychronisation with tracklogs via PC andmost important, reliabilty and stability.

    I am aware that recent upgrades may have helped with first two but am still concerned with reports of units freezing without reason. Foolishly, no doubt, I rely on GPS too often and to suffer a break down on amist laden summit is worrying!!! The Garmin is always error free btw.

    Anyone on here got one and willing to share their experiences??


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    Welcome to the forums Alan I am afraid to say the only experience I have had not 1st hand I may add is lots of returns, I have a few friends who have them & shall I say they have returned a few between them, not turning on etc...

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