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Thread: Where to go in may!!!

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    The fact that the virus can (in theory, according to 1 scientist) remain active within your nostrils for 7 days doesn't necessarily mean you should stay away. Think about the probabilities involved - first you have to go to an infected area and inhale some of the virus (which will be incredibly diluted by the air). This virus then has to stay in your nostrils until you get up to the highlands, then leave your nostrils whilst you're up on the hills, then make it's way (in even more dilute form) to an animal, which has to breathe it in and be infected by it.

    Now I'm not saying that that's impossible, but the probability of it happening is vanishingly small. Fair enough if you make a habbit of nuzzling sheep then you might increase the odds somewhat, but for the rest of us, then the risk it poses doesn't offset the benefits we give by visiting the countryside and swelling its coffers.

    That doesn't mean anyone should be complacent about spreading the disease - obviously if you're going into the highlands you should be scrupulous about the cleanliness of your gear, disinfect your boots, not leave food lying around, etc...

    I do sympathise with your point about not being able to prevent people from infected areas from going, but from what I've read and seen most of them are being pretty sensible about it at present. Obviously if it became apparent that this was not the case, then there would be a much stronger case for closing off access to the countryside to all users.

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    I know that but it is not that plesant for the animals as they don't always make a full recovery but any way enough of that thank goodness for that

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    Where as they make a full and complete recovery the way they are being dealt with at the moment?

    "Doctor, I don't feel very well at the moment. I need some time off work, 'cause I don't think I'll be very productive"

    "Hmm, I'm not sure that you'll make a full recovery."

    Doctor then operates hidden trapdoor lever. The lime pits await below.


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