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Thread: Me and My shadow

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    Congratulations, Dodge!!!

    (and Wayne!!)

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    This was taken in March last year Kate moved on even further now! Did have to have 4 months off though - Dodge decided to get interested in sheep so we had to drop back a bit.

    Hoping for assessment this year - Dodge is ready - its me that isnt. Stopped smoking in july and have piled on the poundage but should get that off soon. Have a lot more to learn yet though.

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    Sheep? I thought he was a border collie, not a welsh one!!

    Best of luck with the assessment prep and exams, Wayne - let us know when you're both fully qualified

    Know what you mean about the lbs - I've been out of action since August with knee problems and put on a some extra weight. Working hard now, and successfully losing it Congrats on quitting the smoking too.

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    Yeah, as he matured his herding instinct took over and he started trying to herd animals so we had to alter that and change his focus back on to searching for people. This was in July last year so he was only 18months old.

    We knew we had been successfulwhen he ran pasta flock of about 60 Swaledales and totally ignored everyone of them he didnt even look in thier direction he was so committedto finding the body.

    Hes much more mature now being the grand old age of 2!

    The ankle injury i sustained last year didnt help either

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