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Thread: Hiking around the Zugspitze / Ehrwald in October - any tips?

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    Hiking around the Zugspitze / Ehrwald in October - any tips?

    Hey all,

    I'll be staying in Ehrwald from 10th to 14th October, and was wondering if anyone can recommend any nice routes in this area that will still be doable at this time of year? Would love to do day walks into parts of the Zugspitze and Hochplattig but I'm assuming that by this time snow will be around the 2000m mark and upwards. With this in mind, I'm looking for route recommendations to high mountain lakes and places with good views of the higher mountains (loops starting and ending close to Ehrwald would be ideal as I don't have my car).

    I will travel with just my regular hiking boots, and no equipment for snow so will try and avoid higher altitudes.

    If you know any guides who provide all the gear and do guided trips over snowfields and glaciers, please let me know. I'm open to the possibility of a day trip with an experienced guide to reach higher altitudes (the train to the top of Zugspitze is a bit of a cheat but I might consider it!).

    thanks in advance for any tips!
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