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Thread: Off Road Motorcycle GPS Suggestion

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    Off Road Motorcycle GPS Suggestion

    Hi everyone,

    I am Renly, I need help for choosing a motorcycle GPS device for off road trips. I frequently go on motorcycle trips but mostly they are on road and I rely much on my smartphone GPS and Waze for navigation purposes, they are pretty good enough for urban regions and highways. However, off road driving seems to be much more challenging. I did have a few devices in mind Garmin Zumo, and TomTom Rider 400, but not sure how good they are for off road.

    Also do you think Smartphone GPS is good enough for off road travel? I did try to use it but it seems very less accurate and complex to travel. Are there any other apps for smartphones which make the off road motorcycle trips much easier? By the way I have an Android device, so please suggest me apps that are available in Play Store.

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    So finally selected a GPS device for my motorcycle, after a lot of research. I have selected one that is useful for both off road and on road navigation with latest features. TOMTOM Rider 550 is the device I have selected for my motorcycle and it seems to have an edge over even the latest Garmin GPS Zumo 590LM. It comes with ability to plan routes on the PC and upload them to the Rider 550 easily via Wi-Fi. It could also be get software updates without connecting via computer, instead we could just connect it wifi and it will get the software updates similar to our smartphones. By far it seems to be the best GPS for motorcycle device one could find. I found some useful articles at Rallye GPS and Best Motorcycle GPS for a Safe Ride is the article that helped me to choose the Tomtom Rider 550 device.

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