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    Can anyone recommend any web hosting companies ?

    I do websites for a singer and a band and we are having a few problems with the free service that a fan provided them with. We have decided to move so that we can have access to helpline forums etc.

    Dorie the singer has just launched her debut album and all going well we would like the facility to be able to easily move to extra bandwith if needed.

    Had a quick look and the options etc look vast.

    Any advice appreciated.



    PS anyone wanting to hear any snippets out of curiousity can look at :- or

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    haisoft are very good value and I've not had any problems with them.

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    We use Streamline and have had no problems. They were doing a 3 month free trial but I'm not sure that is still going.

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    I use Fasthosts and have done so fora few years now. I found them very helpful via e-mail when I started up as I had no idea how to get my web site up and running.

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    Jennifer Lindsey

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