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Thread: Your favorite routes in the Alps or Pyrenees?

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    Your favorite routes in the Alps or Pyrenees?


    I am looking for tips and inspiration to find the perfect hike over some mountains in the Alps or the Pyrenees and would be happy to hear if you have any favorites.

    Me and my boyfriend are heading to the mountains, but not entirely sure where and which trails to do. We have 4 - 5 days to hike, so a loop of 40 - 70 km, depending on the difficulty of the trail would be optimal.

    So, ideas, recommendations?



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    Hello Gonehiking for the Alps hikes you could try the ‘High Route’ between Chamonix (Mont Blanc) and Zermatt (Matterhorn) that was originally established by mountaineers, but fit walkers can also enjoy the magic of the region.

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    Having trekked in the alps a dozen times or more , my favourite region would have to be the Gran Paradiso - marvellous scenery and a good network of huts and Gite d-etappe. A lot of the maps for this area are complete flights of fantasy though, so you need a good guide book - we used long distance walks in the Gran Paradiso by J.W. Akitt

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    The Chamonix to Zermatt trek would be my highest recommendation, and you could do five days and then go back again and complete it a year later.

    Another great route for 5 days would be from First to Stechelberg as "part 1" of the Tour of the Jungfrau (by Kev Reynolds, check his book). This reoute has some mind blowing scenery and traverses the foot of the Eiger. It's popular for a good reason

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