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    Suilven from near Ledmore Junction, 02/09/2007

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    Cracking !!

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    Yep great light in the foreground too! What a mountain eh!

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    Beautiful, Stephen

    In full screen format it looks twice as big as I remember. My Dad wanted to climb it in 1993. He worked hard getting a group of us together at the same time, to him it was planning an expedition as he had done in Kashmir back in the fifties. Hardly Kashmir but an acheivement for Dad.

    He made the walk in but hewas too tired to do the climb. His wishes were clear; we were to make it to the top.Two of us stayed with Dad while the rest of us made the summit. We re-grouped at the bottom and walked out together finishing, at Dad's request, with a march back to the vehicles his head up and proud.

    Whenever I see Suilven it gives me fantastic memories of that day and of my Dad, his motivations, his acheivements, his selflessness and hisfaith in me. I'm very lucky to be his son. I'd miss him more but he lives on in my own children, so in a way I get to be with him every day.

    Thank you, Stephen I've had a wonderful weekend and this picture with the feelings it evokes is the perfect way to round it off.


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