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Thread: Cliffhanger !!!!

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    Did anyone go to Cliffhanger at Sheffield over the weekend?
    I went today, got there aound 11am, only about 20 cars in the car park. I met a couple who were on the way back to their car when I was walking to the entrance. they told me not to bother, waste of 10 (for two), there were hardly any events on due to the weather.
    I got to the entrance, saw for myself, turned around and went home.
    I understand from the car park attendants that yesterday was manic.

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    Yeah went yesterday, totally manic around 12ish, loads going on, but it was nice weather then. Glad I wasnt there today.
    I got a bargain of 2 Grivel Alp wing ice axes meant to be 135 each, got the pair for 120 courtesy of Snow & Rock.... Climbing comp was busy, also the orienteering, but the retail & marquees were turning into knee high mud due to the previously wet ground. Gorgeous afternoon so went climbing at Burbage South instead of messing around at Cliffhanger.

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