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Thread: thinking of walking from London to Edinburgh. Any recommended routes?

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    thinking of walking from London to Edinburgh. Any recommended routes?

    I'm thinking i'd like to walk from London to Edinburgh fairly soon. I estimate i could do it in 7-9 days, not particularly bothered about rushing through it quickly.

    I'd like to pass through some nice small villages, and walk through a few larger towns too, and see a lot of lovely countryside.

    Is there an established route? How would you do it if you walked it? I'd rather not walk alongside big roads for too much of the time, and the police tend to pick people up who are walking alongside motorways (i'm a long-time hitchhiker and have walked fairly long routes in the past fully laiden)


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    Hey there, that sounds like a lot of fun.
    If it was me I'd aim to swoop left and join onto the pennine way as its very easy to navigate, easy to camp along, well known, as well as being very pretty. May I just ask how experienced you are? 40-60 miles consistently for over a week is a very challenging hike for even the best of hikers - only I'd do something that insane.

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    Elliot makes a good point, assuming you're not walking along the motorway, so are taking to the hills then its probably going to be more than 400 miles all in. Carrying all your gear, you're probably looking at making 15-20 miles a day at best, so probably best aim for 3 or 4 weeks rather than 1 or 2.

    That said however, what a great idea for a trek, if it works out for you, you could start a new route!

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    I don't know if Andy did this (London to Edinburgh in 7-9 days sounds insane. It would probably be at least 450 miles in practice which would equate to about 60 miles a day. At 3mph that's 20 hours a day walking.)

    But if I did it, I would aim to take about 6 weeks and would start by picking up the Grand Union Canal out of London. You can then follow the canal towpath all the way to Buxworth in Derbyshire which is about 8 miles from Edale. Then follow the Pennine Way all the way to the end, by which time you'll be in Scotland. Kirk Yethholm to Edinburgh would then be the only bit to figure out.

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