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Thread: Buyers' Guide -Baselayer Tops

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    Good points well made.
    On the subject of hybrid merino/synthetic, I've got a couple and the contrast is stark indeed.
    The Helly Hansen wool affairs have the merino on the outside, for no apparent reason. I like it on the bike as a single layer on cool days, but it stays damp and when layered and is really hot. Annoying as well the cut of the zip neck is superb.
    I got a Macpac Intertwool Active Warmth L/S Zip a while back and it has the wool on the inside. It's a bit like a lighter powerstretch, soft and furry inside and smooth on the outside (I'm still not sure I should have got the brown though...).
    Anyway, it's a marvellous bit of kit as a heavy base or light mid layer.
    Does all the good merino stuff and dries a lot quicker.

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    Agreed breathability of merino is fab. I've got a lovely Engel merino vest. Super soft and breathable. Works really well when teamed with Rab shell.

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