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Thread: nutrition Vs weight

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    I have a lot of weekend walking under my belt in Scotland/Wales/Norway etc.....but in May 07 I'm hiking across Scotland from Mallaig to Montrose which I hope will take about 12 days. We will have to take all of our kit (inc food) with us. Not having planned such an extended trip before I'm unsure of planning food/weight - I'm guessing I'll need about 4-5,000 cals a day but how do I do/plan this without ending up with 40pounds of food before other kit. can anyone advise?

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    Ronald Turnbull covers this in "The Book of the Bivvy". If I remember correctly he says that it's worth walking a mile each way to save carrying one day's food - so it would be well worth walking a few miles into a village part way through the trip for restocking.

    If you're intent on carrying all food for the 12 days... Get down the gym! ;-)

    Worth searching the forums here for "TGO Challenge" (or on google).

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    You only need to plan to visit two towns or villages which have a Spar shop, or similar,in the course of the 12 days and you're down to carrying 4 days food max. This shouldnt be too difficult - eg Fort Augustis/Laggan/Newtonmore/Kingussie/Aviemor/Braemar and so on. Add in the odd pub/hotel/cafe/tea room etc, and you're into reasonable levels of scoff in the pack. Some people also post themselves supplies to be collected en-route, reducing the burden even further. I did this once, but I wasnt too keen on the loss of flexibility. Once you get to the coastal plain in the East, the opportunities for grazing in cafe's and pubs are such that may not really have to carry extra food for the last couple of days.
    Its all in the planning y'see - you shouldnt really need to carry more than 3 or 4 days scoff including 1 day's stuff in case it all goes pear shaped.

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