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    I'm after a pair of softshell trousers for a trip to the Himalayas. I've looked at a Berghaus Women's Statis pants as the fit and length were great and the price too! However, I'm now wondering why they are about £20-30 cheaper than other softshell trousers. Has anyone tried them and/or can you reccommend anything else? P.S. I'm 5 ft 2!!

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    have a look at Mountain Equipment G2 trousers,,,wish i could afford a pair for that kind of work

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    In my experience of trousers (and I have the opposite problem as I need a 32" leg) getting the correct length if you are not exactly 'average' is very difficult.

    It is difficult to shorten legs on technical trousers as they often have ankle zips and articulated knees. Lengthening trousers is impossible.

    So, I'd say if they fit, don't worry. I'm sure they will work great. You will probably try on dozens of other trousers only to find the ones you had in the first place fitted best.

    I have some montane womens terra trousers, which also come in a short leg (29" I think). These aren't really softshell but do have a good DWR and the kinky thigh vents do really work making them versatile enough for a wide range of temps (stick thermals under for colder stuff). However, they are a bit baggy round my bum, so would probably suit curvier women rather than sticks like me.

    Other than terras I've never found any outdoor trousers that are the right length and waist combo, so I've always dreamed of fancy ones but used polycotton mix fatface trousers or v.baggy elasticated craghoppers ones (worn on the hips so the leg length improves). In comparison the terra trousers, whilst not a perfect fit are a functional dream! No more rubbing of trousers on hips or waiting years for them to dry...

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    Have a look at either Mammut Champs or the Marmot ATV trousers. Bother are made from Shoeller softshell material.

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    If you're 5'2", the Montane terrapants may not be much use. I have the so-called 'short' leg length terras, I'm 5'6", and still have a couple of inches extra leg slopping around my feet!

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