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Thread: Breaking into outdoor writing

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    Nick, I've been following your thread with great interest, and you're doing really well already. The basis is transmuting outdoor experience into celebratory or concerned expression. It's a craft - you serve your apprenticeship and then work at it lifelong. The crucial thing is to keep harvesting the outdoor experiences - the moments of insight come when you're out there and quietly able to experience them. That guarantees the authenticity. You can acknowledge and praise the influence of others (Murray and Monkhouse, Menlove, Borrow and Thoreau have been huge influences on me among others); but don't borrow from them and do stay true to your own perceptions - there's too much plagiarism in the writing industry, and it's always a sign of insecurity in your own talent. Develop that, find your own true voice, and you'll be well set. And if there's any help, feedback or advice I can give, don't hesitate to contact me via TGO. Good luck..!

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    Jim - praise indeed coming from one with your credentials

    Toughest bit always seems to me to be that "finding your voice";And then suitably communicating in a manner which lets others hear it as well

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    OK I know it's for the enemy but it's related to this thread,Trail are after a new staff writer. On the LFTO Trail forum there is a post from the editor with a link to an ad on a hacks site. Happy job hunting! Sorry no link, I'm posting by satellite and it takes forever

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