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Thread: Hello from Sweden

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    Hello from Sweden

    Hello everyone, greetings from the very north of Sweden. I just recently found this forum when searching around for places to buy and sell used outdoor gear, but there seems to be a lot of good information shared here. Since I'm planning to visit and hike in UK someday, I'll be around and reading up on things. TGO is one thing of interest, but this summer a shorter walk in Scotland is possibly coming up. I'd also like to do some bicycle touring around UK.

    Here's a link to an album with pics from my last trip, two nights out - very quickly sorted and not edited just to give an idea of what it looks like around here:
    That was in the end of October, which is extremely late in the season. Normally there's a lot of snow by then, but not quite so much that skiing is a good alternative, so I was very lucky. Lynx, reindeer and vole tracks in one image, they might not have passed in that order, though... :)

    /Johan, Sweden

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    Hi Johan
    Welcome to the Forum - nice photos!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metric Kate View Post
    Hi Johan
    Welcome to the Forum - nice photos!
    hello Johan

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