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    So far the game plan is to got to Norway for 2weeks mid July and complete my Gold Duke of Edinburgh and my Queen scout award (yes i still have lots of my youth left)

    Anyway I'v been talking to some friends about the weather, so I know what kind of kit to take and they told me that last year it was hotter that northern Italy but the year before there was 8feet of snow

    Is there anyone that can give advice on the kind ok kit i need please e.g; light weight or the heavier 4 season gear?

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    You are right in that Norway does have some fantastic weather which changes by the day. I am lucky enough to work in Norway and live in the UK ? the best of both worlds! The problem is, you don?t say where in Norway you are intending to go, it?s kind of like saying I?m of to France, what do I need!

    Generally speaking, in the summer you will either melt because it?s so hot or soaked to the skin because it?s raining but other than that it?s very much like the north west highlands of Scotland. Take shorts for the sun and the best waterproofs you can buy, insect repellent is a must and so is a good sunscreen. I wouldn?t worry too much about snow and sub zero temperatures, as this is very rare in July.

    All in all, just pack as if you were of for two weeks in on Skye and you won?t go too far wrong.

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    'There's no such thing as bad weather - just bad clothing"
    Anon Norwegian

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    I don't agree with Dr. Jekyll about not worrying about snow in July. I have experienced snow-fall in Norway in every month of the year. We walked through Breheimen in the mid-July just past when the hills were still plastered in deep snow. On the other hand, when I did my Lindesnes to Nordkapp walk in 2002, the hills were almost snow-free below 1200 metres in early June.

    As Dr. Jekyll says, you need to be able to cope with almost anything - sun and temperatures approaching 30C, driving wind and rain at just above freezing, crisp dry hills in a heatwave or deep wet, melting snow. At least one walking pole to cross rivers is a great help. Bridges as only found on the most popular tracks.

    As well as having clothing that is weather-proof, try also to use it to protect yourself agains biting insects that are a plague in Norway. When it's fairly warm, you need to cover yourself in light clothing with a tight weave that they can't bite through. A mosquito net is a must and one with a mesh small enough that midges can't penetrate is a great help. This way you can limit the amount of nasty DEET you need to splash around.

    Will you be camping or staying in huts? If the latter, you don't need to carry much; they have bedding, cooking gear and food. If the former, you need to think very carefully about what is essential. "If in doubt, throw it out." But the essential you must have.


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    Thanks all, much apreciated
    I'm going to the west coast (i've forgotten the name, sorry) but it's a national park and also I will be camping
    thanks guys )

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    Many of the roads are shut till mid-july, the reason being the amount of snow that hangs around even till then. I've always found August to be the best month.

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    From my experience Norway definitely has a 'dubious' climate, but that's just one of the attractions! Rain is likely, snow on the ground is probable, sunshine is... er... well, don't hold your breath! (Actually, as you're obviously well aware, you could easilly have a heat wave too.)

    There are plenty of lightweight backpacking kit recommendations on various other threads, and so the best thing I could suggest here is once you've put your kit together go for a few practice shakedown hikes, if you can. Go backpacking when conditions in the British mountains are both at their snowiest and also their wettest and you'll soon see what works and what doesn't, and what you definitely need, and what you can do without.

    Apart from that, enjoy. Norway is hard to beat.

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    I've been to Norway quite a number of times in the past. It is indeed true that snow can occur at any time of the year - especially in Glaciated regions. However in the summer time (mid July to early September), new snow typically lasts two or three days at most on the highest summits. Old snow, however lasts a lot longer. Late Summer is the best time to go if you want to minimise contact with snow.

    Generally speaking, my backpack contains everything I need for a scottish backpacking trip + down jacket and Long Johns. If I'm walking in glaciated areas, I add my ice axe to the list. It's not too much overkill, but you have to adapt to the weather.

    If I ever did have too much snow such that I needed crampons as well, I'd simply change my route. You can't camp too high anyway, otherwise you have nothing but boulder fields.

    I'd recommend you take a look at the Norwegian Snowmap:
    It's updated weekly between Octoberish and the end of June.

    Other than that, if you are still deciding on where to go in Norway, there's a new book coming out in mid December which I'm co-authoring:
    "Walks and Scrambles in Norway"

    Hope this helps

    Anthony Dyer

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