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Thread: Penrith survival

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    I just waited 8 (told in email 4-5) working days for Buffalo windshirt

    Only after my email did I find out they did not hold stock and I was going to have to wait another 8 days for delivery

    ! has this happened to anyone else?

    2 what would you say to them?

    I recently spent 50 on Primal shirt sent from USA I was able to track item online and it arrived 2 days early, I trust people like this

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    Luck of the draw isn't it.
    A while back I ordered a watch online from Penrith at about 4pm, it says on the site that orders after 2pm (I think) will be shipped the following day.
    I got my watch at 9am the day after, 17 hours? I was impressed.
    What colour of shirt did you order? almost no one has green and black in stock, but purple and blue are bursing out of stock rooms all over.
    Ultimate Outdoors sent me a pair of smartwool boxers with a security tag through the leg, lovely.
    I've got a million others too.
    Totally hit and miss, the world of online shopping.

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    I never had any trouble with purchasing from Penrith. I havent used them in a while though because I can usually find the same product cheaper elsewhere.

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