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Thread: Pyrenees route question

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    Hi all

    I'm new to this forum (so hello!) but have found it a great resource, so thanks to all that post regularly. We are heading to the Pyrenees on the 27th August for just over 2 weeks, and have been looking to put together an approximately 7-10 day walking route. We are flying in and out of Toulouse and will be using the train/bus to get to and from the start. We'll be predominantly wild camping, and will try and get some meals from refuges to keep weight down (hopefully during the day to save worrying about booking etc). From everything I've read so far have put together the following itinerary on the HRP and GR11:

    Train/Bus from Pau to Somport - HRP to Lac d'Ayous - Refuge Pombie -Refuge d'Arremoulit - Respomuso - Wallon - Col d'Arratille. Then down to meet GR11 in Ara River valley - Bujaruelo - Ordesa Canyon - Refugio Goriz.

    To finish it looks like there are 2 options to finish in Gavarnie for transport links, depending on how we are doing time- and tiredness-wise:
    1. Over Breche de Roland
    2. Continue east to Anisclo - Valle de Pineta - Balcon de Pineta and over Tuca Roya/Tuquerouye to Horquette d'Alans - Refuge des Espuguettes - Gavarnie

    I had a couple of specific questions for anyone who knows the area..

    1. Is Somport a good start point? (I got this idea from Andy Howell's website). Are we missing much by not starting at Lescun or Etsaut?

    2. Is the Col d'Arratille the best point to cross over and head for Ordesa? The only other option I can see on the maps is to carry on via Oulettes de Gaube - Barrage d'Ossoue - Col de Bernatoire and down to Bujaruelo, but I can't much about the last section from Bernatoire to Bujaruelo?

    3. Any thoughts on how difficult the second option for the end of the route (via Pineta) is? We are fit hikers who don't mind a bit of scrambling, but we're not technical climbers - I'm not sure if the crossing over Tuca Roya/Tuquerouye is technical at all? (For comparison we previously done some cabled sections in the Dolomites, but not those requiring any equipment). And/or would the extension be worth it vs just going straight back over the Breche de Roland?

    Sorry for the long post - but any help would be much appreciated. Or any general comments on the route from those with experience.

    Thanks so much!

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    I didn't get any replies to this; but in case it helps anyone else we completed this trip starting from Col de Somport (although from Goriz continued on the GR11 to Parzán, then back to Gavarnie via Lacs de Barroude and Héas i.e on the HRP going east-west). It was a spectacular trip and thoroughly recommended! If anyone has any questions then do get in touch!

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    Just had to comment on your posts, tinyninja.

    A lot of people use the forum as a resource but few people are actively posting. Hopefully it'll bounce back but I expect in busier times you would have received some helpful replies.
    But despite the fact that the forum didn't respond on this topic, you took the trouble to pop back and say you'd happily answer questions for others.
    That's rather heart warming.

    Glad you had a great trip )

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    Thanks Tinyninja. I am thinking of doing this in reverse, starting from Goriz via Torla. Would you see any issues doing it that way? Could you recommend a topo map if you used one. My first time in the region.
    thanks in advance.

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    Hut to Hut Routes from Cauterets

    Can give you some circular hut to hut routes starting from Cauterets going over to Torla and back if you are interested LTM01.Tell me how many days you want to walk .Easy to get to Cauterets from Lourdes ,bus goes from the railway station straight down to Cauterets
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    Trek-Lite all the answers.

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