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    I'm planning a trip to the Grossglockner area this summer and am hoping someone else has been and can offer some advice.

    I'd like to do a bit of hiking but nothing too taxing or technical as I'll have the family with me. From my research so far (Google Translate is brilliant) it does sound like tourists are well catered for and routes will be available out there, and that the majority of the trails won't look much like what I'm used to (Lake District etc.) That being said I wouldn't mind arming myself with a few pre-planned options and get the appropriate area maps (I'm guessing 1:50K) ahead of time. I'm also considering doing some longer trail runs whilst I'm out there too so any running routes or resources would be appreciated.

    Side questions: Heiligenblut vs. Kals? Or both worthy of some time? We should have two weeks out there and both look to have decent camp sites, but it sounds like (being off the Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse) Kals is a bit more off the beaten path - relatively speaking.

    Anything else to see or do out there - is it worth heading up to Zell Am See for a bit of time in/on the water or across towards Millstatter See? Somewhere else?

    I'm basically scouring for anything that'll help. I've not done any camping or hiking outside of the UK so this all seems a bit alien.

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    Spent 2 weeks Obergurgl.
    Had more than enough trails there; could have kept busy another week.
    Some trails steep with Via Ferrata.
    Minimal lifts...mostly hiking from base.... Not as cushy as Chamonix.
    Good choice accommodation.

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    For all the certain areas which are appealing to the travelers and in the same way has most of the helpful parts would be lovely to experience parts of it which are always one step ahead and that does disclose the reality to tourism. Planning a trip to Austria is surely one step ahead.

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