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Thread: Alternative APP to Endomondo

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    Hi there, Up to now I've been using Endomondo to track our walks but one thing it lacks is an altitude axis on the graph. The two things that are important to me are distance/km and altitude and whilst I realise the info comes up as the mouse hovers over the profile, I'd like to see it on the axis.

    Does anybody have any suggestions for an alternative App? Thanks!

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    OruxMaps will log data, and has graphing options that include time and distance as x-axis, and altitude, speed, slope and heartrate as y-axis (if you connect a HRM to it).

    It will use SRTM DEM data files to obtain height for route planning, and GPS altitude for track review.

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    Many thanks for that - I'll check it out, sounds just what I'm looking for.

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