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    FWIW Dave wasn't actually an American climber. He was British, but went out to the States in the 90s to pursue his passion for climbing and writing.

    I was fortunate to know him for a year as we shared a Masters course (and a student house) in Lancaster in 89/90. He climbed way, way above my grade but wasn't in any way flash about it, there really was no edge to him, a nicer bloke you couldn't have met.

    He was very bright academically too, and torn between pursuing a business career or his love of climbing. In the end he went to the U.S. and ultimately combined both.

    Although I hadn't seen him since we left Lancaster, the news of his death came as a great shock. Who can say what he wrestled with to resort to taking his own life, but for the Dave I knew it just seems like a tragic shame and a bright light gone out way too soon.

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    Hi Matt,

    Great to hear about Dave from someone who properly knew him. From what I've read, he seemed like a great man.

    (Nationality now corrected).


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