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Thread: Lightweight trekking limits?

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    Hi All,

    About 25-30 years ago, i walked Offas Dyke, the entire South West Coast Path and Hadrian's Wall with my father. Then i got married, and life passed me by.

    Last year, a friend of mine gave me a load of kit when he emigrated. As far as i can ascertain he barely used it - a couple of overnight trips in Scotland i believe

    This is what he gave me:

    38l rucksack (Fjallraven - heavy, but i love it)
    Luxe Mini Peak II
    Vango Venom 400
    Thermarest Prolite Regular
    Jetboil Zip
    Fjallraven Skogso jacket

    I bought a pair of Fjallraven Vidda Pro trousers and i have a set of peter storm packable waterproofs that were in the car for emergencies - very cheap so probably not very good.

    All of this stuff fits quite nicely into the rucksack with a fair bit of room to spare for clothes (probably only one change) and food and the tent fits under the rucksack lid which expands.

    I suppose my question is: what sort of trek could i reasonably make with this set up and in what kinds of weather?

    I am not worried about navigation - need to refresh but have done a lot on land and at sea. I am really just trying to understand what is feasible with today's lightweight kit.


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    Dunno what you mean by 'sort of trek'?

    It's 3 season camping gear for almost anywhere in the UK where you can sensibly pitch a tent in non daft weather (wind)?

    The shelter is limited by your skill in pitching it nicely and site selection.

    Surely the 'sort of trek' implies length/terrain - that depends on your fitness (physically and mentally) and knowledge of how /where to camp effectively in different weather conditions., as well as finances for food/travel.

    Managing reasonable personal comfort when walking in wet weather makes life happier.

    Temperature wise, I wouldn't want to go much below zero with that sleeping bag.

    Gear wise, you probably need to think most about footwear and clothing and food?

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    Id have to agree with Mole here. From the kit your friend has passed on, providing you have the footwear, clothing and food your pretty much set for any where in the UK for any duration. Obviously, you'll have to take into account the weather and your fitness to make your trip as comfortable as possible.

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