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Thread: Washing merino?

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    As I never buy anything that can't be thrown in the machine (despite "suggestions" on the label) the decision is an easy one. The machine washes things perfectly - silk, merino, cashmere, blends...

    How your treat things after they have been washed is far more important.

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    Use that amount of electricity just for a few base layers????

    No, because I just put them in with the rest of the laundry. I don't use a Delicates cycle for them myself, but it's there if you want to be more paranoid.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Clinch View Post

    Given the high cost of the garments, a little extra effort to prolong their useful lives seems worth it.

    Though OTOH a detergent/delicatecycle in a machine will veryprobablydo a better cleaningjob, and keeping it clean will... help prolong its useful life.

    Thing is, the only 'delicates' I own are my merino and silk base layers and socks. Even if I chucked them all into a washing machine, they wouldn't be anywhere near half a load and I simply don't think that tossing the garments around a water-filled, perforated steel drum (which is what a washing machine does) is going to make them last any longer, compared to hand-washing.

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