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Thread: Talkback: Ten Of The Best UK Campsites

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    I recently came across a 'semi-wild campsite with cafe'... and while the farm can be reached by car, just, they discourage it and basically pitch for walkers and cyclists.

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    Horses for courses.

    What I would want from a family camp site is vastly different than if I was on my own, or even needing a site at all.

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    Hi guys,

    We're re-publishing this for the camping season 2016. I've added in the 'open fires: yes/no' information and changed a few of the initial errors. There seems to be a lot of suggestions from you guys for other sites to be included, so there may be another feature on its way. Any more suggestions are very welcome.

    Thanks for the help.


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    Low Wray? Seriously? It always seems to be full and I still do not know why anyone would want to stay there. It's on the side of Windermere but that's nothing special IMHO. The campsite is not that good, the toilet blocks are not great, it can be noisy too. A pet hate for us since we have a young child needing quiet to stay asleep. Wakes up a bit too easily at times.

    I even reckon the Great Langdales site is better, even the C&CC site in Eskdale is better. There are some very good sites in the Lakes I would rate higher than Low Wray, which I reckon is only worth being put on this list to stop southerners and townie types staying at the nicer sites. I mean it gets highly rated in various lists and books on cool camping, etc. That makes it popular for those who do not know the area and are probably only going to visit once or who return frequently. Might be elitist or selfish but it leaves the nicer camp sites to us near locals who visit a lot.

    BTW I would prefer to wildcamp but family means we end up using proper family friendly campsites. Not my choice, Ii wanted to start my lad wildcamping from about 3 months but I got over-ruled. There is nothing better than finding those few quiet spots and disappearing for a few days or a week. Used to do that in Scotland pre-family. Knoydart with a tarp and provisions for a week or hiding up in Glen Shiel. Yes I see people but I can always just try a different direction to avoid them or if I am feeling sociable I can meet them and talk to them. Campsites you can spend your time trying not to get eye contact and being stopped to have an awkward coversation with someone you really not too keen to talk to.

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