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Thread: Talkback: Bowfell - Best Lake District Mountains

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    Hmm, seems Waterhead is now on the shores of Coniston Water...?

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    I think Ed was mildly confused by the existence of two Waterhead hotels, one in Coniston and one in Ambleside and consequently referred to Coniston Water when he mean Windermere.

    That's been fixed now.

    Brimstone at Langdale is incredible btw. I only know this because Berghaus once ran a press event there before it formally opened and it's one of the most improbably swish and luxurious places I've ever stayed. Not somewhere you'd ever use for a 'normal' weekend, but if you're flush and have a special, romantic occasion to celebrate, it really is something else, though I doubt I could ever afford to go there myself :-/

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    I was recently up on Bowfell and found it to be the busiest summit of the day, beating even Scafell Pike, so it shows its popularity.

    The view of the links from Crinkle Crags is one of the best views in the Lakes.

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