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Thread: Talkback: World's Lightest 3-season Synthetic Sleeping Bag?

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    Hmm. Spintastic.

    A lower comfort of +5??C does not make a 3season sleeping bag by accepted standards? That's a summer bag.

    I was always under the impression that a 3 season bag had a lower comfort rating a little below freezing?


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    I'd have to agree with Mole. I've had a Hyperlamina 20 on the go for the last month (including a fortnight in NW Scotland) and I'd consider that a 3 Season Bag - but it's a fair bit heavier and bulkier. This one? My main question would be: what did they stuff into the pictured bag to make it look as though it's lofting like an arctic rated item?

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    I'd agree with Mole too. My Dewline has a comfort rating of around freezing or a bit below, and I think of it as a summer bag, or a weight-weenie-mode "I won't shivertoo much" option if it's a bit cooler.

    I remember camping at Dunkeld (not a high or exposed place) in April and it hit -7 overnight thanks to nothing more exceptional than a clear sky and cold air drainage in to the valley. I was fine in my Lightline, a lot of other people in better bags than this were distinctly chilled.


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    get metric kate to test it and we might find its not even a one season bag-----lr

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    Perhaps they mean three seasons in low level parts of North Africa.

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    UOG weight it as 564g rather than sub 500g and their view is generous when it calls it a "summer cum 3 season bag"

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