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Thread: GR11 - Stove or no stove?

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    Hello all!
    I am going to hike the GR11 from Irun to Cap de Creus, starting this monday.
    From what I have read on different GR11-blogs it sounds like fresh foods are pretty easily available for most of the hike. So I am considering leaving my stove at home and trying to rely on bread, cheese and biscuits along with the occasional restaurant meal at the refugio. Would you advice against this?
    Are there any long food-less stretches on the GR11? What's the longest you had to carry food for?
    I plan on camping all the way.
    Hope someone can help!
    Happy trails,

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    Hi Anders,

    How did you get on? In particular I'm keen to know how you got on camping and whether you did or didn't carry a stove.

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