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Thread: Which tent ?

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    Hi, being new to the world of wild camping I'm after some advice on choosing a lightweight 1 man tent for myself. I've heard, brands like Scarp 1, Akto, Force10 mentioned a lot but are the cheaper ones (under 100) any good....or should I save my money and invest in an expensive tent, what is the difference between the two ? I want to make the right decision from the start.

    I'll be starting my camping adventure in the Lake District.

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    It depends on what you want to do. If your idea of "wild camping" is on top of the Cairngorm plateau in a gale in winter then what you need is rather different to if it's in sheltered spots on nice days Spring through early Autumn.

    Exactly what will work for you is best determined by a bit of experience, because what people like determines what is "good" just as much as objective specs like weight and packing volume.

    Some people favour lighter weight, others strength, or space, and so on. Crawling around pitched examples is, IMHO, a very good idea. What might sound ideal in theory might just be smaller than you find you could put up with, or more awkward to pitch. or a colour you don't get on with inside etc.


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    Vango has a good range of lighter weight small tents at very reasonable prices. Many are recommended for the D of E expeditions.

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