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Thread: Shell - Breathable, light, good hood and pockets?

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    Hi All,

    I need a new shell. I am leading a few Duke of Edingburgh expeditions over the coming months and want to replace my aged shell jacket.

    Mainly I am after something as breathable as possible, fully waterproof, light and packable enough to get stuffed into a rucksack side pocket just in case, with a good integral hood and pockets (hand warmer type as well as chest) that can take OS maps.

    I am thinking of Polartec Neoshell, having seen and read some reports of its superior (?) breathability, leading me to a RAB Nexus, Montane Fast and Light Neo or ME Arclight model. However, I can't find any specific figures on performance Of NeoShell compared to eVent or GoreTex active...

    Anyone got any specific experience with either of these models above, or can anyone suggest an alternative (with the emphasis on breathability and waterproofing)?

    Thanks in advance,


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    The Haglofs Tilta jacket is worth considering. It doesn't have a wired hood but it is reasonably well stiffened.

    It is GTX Active shell which is the most breathable GTX fabric. A bit longer than most Active shell jackets as well.

    It's been dropped from Haglofs range so is heavily discounted at quite a few places at the moment.

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    Someone posted THIS article a few months back, that should provide you with some interesting reading and might help you make some kind of decision!

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