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Thread: Non Paramo Windshell with Summit Hoodie?

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    The Colombian side of the business could always make simpler stuff and they could charge the same, if that were going to work though! I can appreciate Paramo will reduce outright financial profitability in favour of ethical profitability (and hats off to them for that), but it still wouldn't make sense to spend money on something over-elaborate when the same people could make something simpler. Both Paramo and their manufacturing source would suffer.

    My Montane Krypton smock is an interesting (dis)proof of concept of a simpler liner being enough. The outer is pertex, the inner is a micropile which is obviously fluffier on one side and smoother on the other. Montane saw fit to reverse the liner on the arms (so the fluffy is to the outside) to make getting it on and off easier, and I saw fit to DWR the whole thing.

    So what happens when it rains on it for a while? After a while, I get wet. My arms are not magically shielded while my body gets damp (shame, skiing and cycling it's the upper arms that take the brunt), or vice versa. It deals with dreich well, but the time comes when the hard shell is needed.


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    Not read all the posts but I used to wear a buffalo windshirt over a paramo mid layer (old pullover top that was reversible and those handwarmer pockers that had zip on both inner and outer faces) and found it was pretty good for coping with spring/summer rains. I found it less warm than over the top paramo "waterproof". Figured if warm and dry I'd be ok but it took some beating in the showers we got then.

    I have a paramo windshirt now and tbh it is not any better than the old buffalo windshirt. Save money and get something else for the windshirt layer.

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    I have the Summit Hoodie and the Bora fleece which are designed to go under the Fuera Ascent and Bora windproof respectively.

    Neither is waterproof in any combination particularly, relative to Analogy. I've got a Quito and its never actually failed. I tried the SH+HA last October in Illinois and it leaked bad on the windward side around the neck, the hood wet out and then dribbled to the SH which didn't take much pressure for it to give up and I got wet. I tried the Bora combo about a month ago up in Oregon near-freezing heavy rain and the hood leaked again but for slightly different reasons, the hood on the Bora isn't very good and I was getting rain coming in through the floppy gaps around the face.

    I think these ideas are more about having a fleece with water-resistant properties which works well with matching venting (more for pockets access in my experience).

    If so long as you're expectations are not too high then you'll be fine, e.g. take a fleece because you like the fleece, a windproof because they're handy and a shell to use if its warm rain or to put on over stuff if its hoolie type conditions.

    Even with Quito, which hasn't failed on me, i'm usually carrying a windproof to use for when its not raining and I put it on over the Quito for a bit extra insulation and to cover zips.

    Before anyone cries Paramo fails, shells fail too in different contexts. I only own one shell currently a Marmot Mica its not put on often but its there, not taking up weight to add if needed.

    The Bora fleece due to the stretch side panels and the hand-warmer is good general fleece, long body, but flappy hood. The SH just looks good in black, but its terribly short, but has tigheners on the hood. Different pros/cons.

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    Anyone else experience this?

    Is the FA and SH a false economy then?

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