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Thread: Talkback: The Ten Best Outdoor Smartphone Apps

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    Wow - never heard of most of them but I am a smartphone noob.

    Any more?

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    A few good ones on this threadSpiritburner

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    I should maybe add British Hills - basically a high tech ticklist that'll appeal to ticklisters and not if you're not wired that way. The reason that it's not listed is maybe that it could be so much more than it is, though of course it would then be a different app altogether.

    Gridpoint GB is another simple, free app, that didn't quite get included. It mostly just gives you an OS grid reference, simple, no-nonsense, just a really straightforward way of making sure you are where you think and transferring your location onto a paper map.

    There are also a lot of brand-sponsored apps out there. Some are good, some are a bit limited. Sometimes it's hard to pick out the wheat from the chaff without using dozens of apps - there are a lot of first aid guide ones around, but it's hard to know which is the best. Many, I suspect are quite similar.

    Also, while we feature Echo 112, there's also a UK-developed MRT app with similar intent that's been used successfully in the UK.

    Lots of tracking and mapping alternatives too, many of them free but with a premium package or free apart from the cost of purchasing the digital mapping.

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    Only mildly related but it is interesting that we've just had maybe the first ~150 off contract mobile with a really good, biggish (4.5 is it?), screen launch. Motorola G as it happens, but you presume that others will follow in reasonably short order.

    That and viewranger 50k for England (and a waterproof case) seems to come in comfortably underneath the dedicated mapping GPS devices price wise.

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    Other smartphones are available, using an operating system called Android...

    OruxMaps for Android

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    They all look brilliant. Does any one know about walking or off road cycling in Italy. It's very difficult to get proper useful maps.

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    The GPS compass one looked good, but it's only for an iPhone not a smart phone like the article indicated!!

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    Echo112 doesn't work on all smartphones. See following reply to my query.

    Jocelyn Corniche (echo112 support)
    Nov 28 07:19 (CET)
    Hello Mike,
    Our app doesn't support small screen sizes, sorry about that.
    It works flawlessly on Galaxy S2, S3 and S4
    Best Regards


    Mike Duffy

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    On windows phone 2 excellent apps.
    " GPS to Grid Ref " shows OS maps to your location.

    " Naismith's Rule " brill tool for planning distance and speed with Tranter calculations built in, but difficult to find in windows mobile store

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