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    Actually I rather suspetc it'll have more storage in jacket than rucksack mode. Probably the same storage space a priori but the rucksack mode has to hold all the extra fabric created by packing the jacket away

    They claim that one of the pockets is shared between the two modes, which seems plausible enough.

    Not convinced by the idea mind. Gently interesting that it can be made in the UK for that sort of spec/cost.

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    Might be interesting to have a look at it, but I fear it's a doomed product*. Maybe be better to think of it as a jacket that can be packed away and carried easily, rather than as a rucksack.

    * which, given that someone has put money into it, and manufacturing in the UK, is a shame. I'd prefer to see conventional UK manufactured offerings.

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    Thanks a load for the review that just got highlighted to me by the guys at eVent.

    Our products will be at the Trade show on the GE/eVent stand in Salt Lake City and at ISPO in Munich, go and check them out...

    In response to your very well made points..... these are foremost waterproofs, that instead of packing into their own pocket that makes them simply a 'pillow', with the addition of 80g of straps (soon to be reduced), fabric and zip, the waterproof can be carried or used as a rucksack.

    When you have stuff stored in the 2-3l space in the rucksack and it rains, it remains in the pocket of the garment and becomes accessible as if it had been stored there in the first place - it has to be seen to be appreciated, check out our video on the home page

    As for the Bivanorak - our awesome looking rain ponchos have been used as bivi's AND are a day pack too :-)

    Here is a recent press release with a bit more info...

    A multifunctional waterproof jacket that quickly converts to a rucksack (and vice versa) is now being launched in the UK.

    Check out the fantastic jacket/rucksack concept in the 45 second video on their home page - and keep an eye on the phone?

    Vamoose products, with patented pocket technology, are designed in Cornwall and manufactured in Britain. The revolutionary concept means there is no need to carry a separate rucksack and jacket next time you venture outdoors. Additionally, as you can see in the video, once converted the same external pocket is retained in both the jacket and rucksack, keeping easy access to your mobile, drink, sunglasses, etc.

    The Vamoose jackets are technically advanced using GE?s latest eVent technology, arguably the most breathable waterproof fabric on the market today. The cutting edge design also gives the product a fantastic look and feel.

    Vamoose is the creation of UK based Geographer Duncan MacRae. Duncan?s work as a conservationist for marine and terrestrial national parks involves frequent world travel, often to wet and humid climates. Whilst working in the tropics he saw the need for a multifunctional jacket/rucksack and started to develop the concept. The Vamoose product range, which also includes a breathable poncho, follows 5 years of planning and development. Duncan says ?we have tried and tested everything and now believe we have a truly versatile product. Everything has been engineered entirely in the UK, with the help of highly experienced Cumbrian waterproof manufacturers and brilliant climbing equipment designers from North Yorkshire. We are really proud to say that Vamoose is a British company and all of our products are designed and manufactured in the UK?

    Find out more and buy online at

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    Check out our products in reality on the GE/eVent stand...

    January 26-29
    Munich, Germany
    Hall B6 Booth 438

    Outdoor Retailer Winter Market
    January 22-25
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    Booth 40189

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