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    How about writing to someone abroad? I'm finnish, Scandiavian,40 yo, mum with 2. Next summer I go to Alps, but often walk in forests. I like to meet people, who think that hiking and outdoor is nicer than sitting inside, computers, cars etc... Ilove also horses and dogs. If you think, it's nice to get to know new people, write!

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    Hi Finns,

    welcome! I live in London so sadly don't get to see some of the wonderful scenery out there as often as I'd like. I do get away once a year with several male friends and we go to the Lake District of North Wales for a week.A lack of fitness usually means that by the end of the week we're exhausted! We still enjoy it though.

    I have done a couple of easy trails in the mountains, the Machu Pichu trail in Peru and the Druk Path in Bhutan when I was single. Sadly my wife's arthritis means that although I dream of doing one more trek, probably in the South AmericanAndes it will probably never happen.

    I'm buying more and more Scandanavian kit these days from Bergans and Norrona. Excellent kit well designed and very practical.

    Another dream of mine is to see the Northern lights. I'm considering going to Iceland (I've already been twice) to celebratemy 60th birthday so maybe I'l see them then.

    Meanhwile I content my self with nightwalks in the week and at least one full day's walk a month. I've just started our long distance path, The Peddar's Way & North Norfolk Coastal path. I go away for the weekend with my wife and walk for a day and then we spend the second day together looking round the area.

    I'd love to do more walking in the snow but over here once it snows everything grinds to a halt as only the major roads are cleared, so it can be difficult to get out and about.

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