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Thread: Talkback: World's Lightest Full-length Air Mat?

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    Reviews I've read say it's no good for side sleepers-you have to
    sleep on your back to obtain any benefit. I think the new Zor self
    inflating mat is much better. Not that many grams more.

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    Yes, that was my take just from looking at it. It also relies on you falling within a certain anatomical parameter. The very tall or short or just oddly built could have issues, as did a very tall chap who tried one out while I was watching.

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    I've got a full length one and get a good night sleep on it.

    I'm a side sleeper and, unlike with self inflating mats, my hip doesn't push through to the ground so IMHO it is better than closed cell mats and self inflating mats for side sleepers.

    It's great for in a bivi bag but not so great in a hammock.

    I agree that if your very tall or short it might not be suitable.

    Note that the first paragraph describes the x frame as self inflating, it isn't - it requires manual inflation.

    Got mine of the net (from a uk store not imported) for about £70 new.


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    How have you missed out on this?

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