I would like to share the news about upcoming expedition to Siachen Glacier, Jammu & Kashmir, India. This is an independent expedition and we only want to spread the news about it.

We are an all female, international climbing team with climbers from the UK, Poland and Australia who plan to explore and climb virgin peak of 6400m and promote and raise awareness for the creation of the ??Siachen Peace Park'.

The idea behind the creation of this peace park is that it will contribute to resolving the conflict between India and Pakistan, and preserve the remote mountain environment, which is currently being subject to degradation due to ongoing conflict. This expedition is a continuation of the project from the last year Afghanistan's Secret Peaks.

Moreover, we would like to start a debate on effectiveness of such expeditions in bringing awareness about issues affecting mountain environments and communities. Dose it work or not?

More info about our independent project can be found on