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Thread: waterproof trousers & fleece

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    Anyone remind me which brands make waterproof trousers e.g. Goretex, eVent, Polartec etc in short length sizes? My inside legs are only 29 or 30 inches in length so it's always difficult to find stuff.

    Also looking for some fleece trousers and a new fleece jacket. I have spotted a few nice Merell freece tops that I might buy so that just leaves trousers. Any recommendations or ideas?

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    Paramo Cascadas?

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    Montane short leg trousers are 29" for a medium or 30" for a large.

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    They don't do it for their waterproof trousers though. It's actually quite rare. Dead bird and haglofs definitely do, although clearly neither cheap Mountain equipment in at least one style - firelite. Or a cheaper TNF thing - ventures.

    I think Berghaus might well to. Maybe best to fish around a few shop websites like Outside (as above) or George Fishers to see what they stock. Even where the manufacturers do the options, having them stocked won't be remotely universal.

    Fleece jackets is stuff that fits. Fleece trousers maybe depends in the power stretch look is OK (Functionally very recomendable but depending on the intended use.....).

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