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Thread: Kovea Spider

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    Is anybody using Kovea Stoves, namely the Spider? I can get one for 30 all in and with no customs to pay so am sorely tempted since missed out on Go Outdoors MSR Windpro Clearout.

    Not many reviews online but the few there are...seem quite positive...apparently even though the burner head is small, it spreads the flame quite well and the leg design is apparently actually very stable & I like the lack of 'extra hinges etc' on the leg design...seems nice and simple.

    But just curious if anybody is using one? I know the Primus Spider is a more local alternative in the price range but I just don't like it at all.

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    Hi..if you are interested in the Kovea spider, I recommend a review done on

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    I've got review up on my blog if you're interested:


    I used it this past summer and found it to be a really good stove, and it's outstandingly compact for a remote canister stove.


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