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Thread: Talkback: Just In - Lowe Alpine TFX Annapurna ND 65:80 Pack

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    I bought the Lowe Expedition TFX back in October - bigger, stripped down, lighter. Very nice so far, everything well thought through (with the possible exception of the sliding rail chest straps which seem to be cropping up on so many bags - I don't like 'em). It's nice that Lowe came back from the direction they were taking five years ago, excessively heavy and over-complicated.

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    This is not really a criticism of Lowe, who are (like everyone else) aiming at averages, but of marketing/editorial based on stereotypes. Stuff like "the whole caboodle is optimised to work with female-shaped bodies, so the ergonomically curved shoulder straps are closer together for women's narrower shoulders, the hip-belt is angled to work with curvier hips" will, I imagine, be potentially pretty grating to folk like Roos who have the curvier hips but have broad shoulders. Lacking "narrower shoulders" doesn't mean she isn't "female shaped"!


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