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    1st time I saw this kind of base layer it was one made by Craft like this one:

    Barefoot Luc

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    Aclima do something very similar. I have several of their short sleeve 'string vests'. I like them, and their shorts are good too. I never would have thought of using it under a Paramo jacket though. Must give it a try.

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    Right, back in May I made some foolish remarks about the Brynje Super Thermo tops.

    Metric Kate wrote (see)

    Seen p.95 of the current Trail?

    I don't go in for Graham Thompson-bashing, I just feel really sympathetic to him that he had to model the Brynje of Norway Super Thermo T-shirt for the Trail base-layer test.

    Not a good look [/QUOTE]
    Quote Originally Posted by Metric Kate View Post
    For once I'm not going to ask if they make it in a women's fit!
    Jon immediately offered to look into getting one for me to review, and put Nordiclife owner Rhodri Lewis in touch with me. Rhodri sent me a Super Thermo t-shirt with the shoulder inlays for me to trial. I tried it a couple of times on cool days in the summer, and now the weather's turning wintery at times I've been wearing it quite a bit more. Here's my review:

    "I'm now getting the opportunity to wear it more, and the bottom line is that I love the top! I'm still surprised and impressed at how soft and comfortable it feels - it doesn't feel as synthetic as a lot of polypro, and so far it's washing well and dries very quickly. I wore it for 3 days running this weekend whilst 'bodying' for SARDA; that consisted of getting sweaty in a swift ascent of a hillside, then lying in a bivvy bag for several hours, followed by the reverse. Though I got very hot, I didn't feel damp on top when I got settled in my hidey hole (though later got very damp, but that was a result of the incessant rain, don't you just love Wales?!!), and it smelled fine after 3 days of this.

    I'm tending to wear it under a Berghaus polyester baselayer and the combination feels great, you can really feel the difference in warmth with the Brynje 'string vest' underneath. Last Saturday I was teaching navigation in the Beacons, so walking punctuated by standing around. I had my Brynje / Berghaus combo on under a Paramo Aspira smock in a very chilly north-easterly, temperatures with windchill not far above freezing, and in rain, hail and snow. The whole 'system' for my upper body was spot on - and it's always nice when you make kit choices that turn out to be absolutely right for the conditions and activity.

    So, I'm sold. I have to admit I was a bit sceptical at first, but it's wonderful, I look forward to it putting it on, and after several weeks on a fierce exercise and diet regimen with Psycho Kev the Personal Trainer, it doesn't look as unflattering as it did when I first got it!"

    There you go. It is wonderful and I'm so glad I was rude about how it looked so got the chance to try it out for myself

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