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    After going to Venezuela and around N. England in lots of conditions I can fairly safely say that Avon's Skin so Soft works pretty well to keep everything off. You can get it from an Avon rep or Amazon.

    Of course there's always DEET but that apparently irritates skin and if it leaks burns through everything so I've never tried it

    Using a red setting on a headtorch also doesn't attract them as much as the white (don't know if it actually repels them though) but if you must use white, just hold it...

    Also, I'm pretty sure they can't really bite through hair. I think it's more the hair just just distances them so they can't actually reach the skin-I've had bites on the bald bits of my foot but about two over a whole month on my leg (with hair)

    Hopefully that might help someone...


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    I'd question your "bite through hair".

    Never noticed any difference myself to where I get bit, hairy or not.

    Mozzies usually go for the places where arteries/veins are closest to skin surface. They are also attracted to CO2, which explains why your face is bitten more than most other parts of your body. ( Breathing out).

    Wee buggers are 'programmed' to find the best spots for them to bite and injest blood.

    Wee B's need blood to reproduce, otherwise can't produce eggs.

    Only females suck your blood..................

    I'm off to hide far, far away........

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    the most annoying thing in the country! Queen victoria and i smoked tobacco to keep them away , it works well, and yes i think huskys right , have heard of it off the tv about co2, and from personal experience its definatley the face nose mouth ears that they congrigate around. Thats why this year have purchaced a brand new treckmates sun/rain hat and a mosquito head net, the brim works well to keep the net off the face. Hinders my tea , cigarettes biscuits nice view philosophy , but i manage to force them through!

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