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    or started working again, looks like the OM cleaning crew have been around overnight, so maybe they sorted this one out as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Parky Again View Post
    Do you live in london weevil? If you do you display a quite shocking ignorance of local affairs.

    Re the cyclist. Yet another cyclist gets killed by a large vehicle turning left - will they ever learn. This, of course, is everybody else's fault.
    LCC has been campaigning over en extended period that this particular roundaboiut was unsafe for cyclists. Furthermore, cyclists have been forced onto this junction because of the recent closure of local cycle lanes.

    I know this roundabout and am aware of how dangerous it is. It has a fast motorway style slip road. It is not the kind of junction which belongs in the urban setting.

    There is currently no safe route direct between Stratford and Hackney for any cyclist.

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