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Thread: Awesome Winter Lectures

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    Just a wee post to let you know that Heason Events has organised a series of lectures in the Lescar Hotel in Sheffield this winter:

    Oct 10th - Kenton Cool - "10 Years Of Suffering!" & Keith Sharples
    Oct 24th - Jerry Gore - "Peaks & Personalities" & Kevin Thaw
    Nov 14th - Jamie Andrew - "Life & Limb" & Dave Lucas
    Dec 5th - Jeff Lowe - "Many Climbs / Many Lessons?
    Jan 10th - Jim Perrin - "Book Reading ? ?The Villain ? A Life Of Don Whillans?" & Sam Whittaker
    Jan 23rd - Simon Yates - "Beyond The Void" & Chris Cubitt
    Feb 6th - John & Anne Arran -"Journey to the lost world? & Niall Grimes (The Big Quiz)
    Mar 13th - Dave MacLeod ? ?Scotland?s Best? & Katherine Schirrmacher
    Apr 03rd - Andy Kirkpatrick "A Chocolate River Runs Through It" & Nick Sellars

    More details at
    Tickets available here

    Also, on Wed October 13th at 8.15pm will be a Best Of Kendal Film Festival at the Showroom Cinema in Sheffield. (7 full, 5 conc).

    The Films to be shown (total length = 2.5 hours):
    So Far West, It's Quicker to Go East (Bouldering)
    Dr Strange Dyno (Dynoing)
    Rubicon or People From the Other Side of the Earth (Mountaineering)
    Twitch IV (Kayaking)
    Namaste (Skiing)
    Wookey Exposed (Caving)
    Biscuit (A Climbing Dog!)

    More info at
    Tickets available from the Showroom Box Office:
    0114 275 7727

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    The Lescar is a cracking pub

    They always have good events on - live Jazz, Comedy club etc. and now Outdoors lectures

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